Short Story Regarding Sexual Assault

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As we entered the emergency room, I could smell alcoholic based cleaning fluid and sterile, latex gloves. We made our way over to the counter. I was dragging my feet. When the woman at the reception desk asked me what was wrong I broke down. I couldn’t answer. Ami stepped in and whispered to the woman that I had been “sexually assaulted.” Paleness took the healthy glow from the woman’s face. “Have the police been notified?” “She is not interested in that.” The woman nodded in acceptance before going to get a nurse who escorted both Ami and me to an isolated room in the back. I was told to take a seat on the gurney and not to drink anything or even use the restroom that she would be right back with some paperwork for me. I was quivering as I sat on the pristinely white sheeted gurney. I had no idea what to expect. Ami sat in a plastic, maroon chair over in the corner and looked at the cold, disinfected, tile floor. The sounds of beeping machines and ticking clock flooded my ears. The nurse knocked on the door and both Ami and I jumped. She handed me a clipboard with some paperwork on it that asked for the basics: name, date of birth, reason for being here, consent to treat, and so on and so forth. I filled it all out the best I could, my mind was lost in another galaxy. Besides, how was I supposed to know what year my father was born in and the phone number to my mother’s work? Once I finished, the nurse took the clipboard and exited the room once again. I looked over at Ami and wiped away some stagnant tears with the backside of my wrist, but she said nothing. The nurse came back in holding a white hospital band which she fastened to my left wrist. Then finally introduced herself to me as Katie. She pulled up a round wheeled ... ... middle of paper ... ...o.” I lied. She grabbed my hand and gave it a firm squeeze before starting the car. We drove down the road, there was little traffic even with it being rush hour, and we arrived at my house quicker than it took to get to the hospital. “Are you sure you want to be at home? How about you stay at my place tonight instead?” “I have to tell my parents, but thanks,” I said before I closed the car door and walked to the front door of my house. What was I going to tell them? I knew my mother was going to be furious when I told her I let some boy into the house when both her and my father were out. I slowly turned the nob and opened the door. I had been out for nearly six hours and missed dinner. Am I ready for this? No! I had only taken two steps into the kitchen then BAM, “Daniella Rose, where have you been? You missed supper,” my mom shouted. “I was out with Ami.”
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