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As part of our new generation, while growing up young men and young ladies are expected to learn the basic skills to fulfill the basic roles of their gender. For young men this includes learning all of the routine maintenance on a car, to work out, and be stronger than the girls. While at the same time young ladies are steered towards learning how to cook, clean, and look pretty. All of the roles done by females require a lot of trial and error before they can be mastered, but the most time-consuming skill to learn is applying makeup. Just as anything else the finished product always seems so simple. However, there is a routine for the makeup application that will help any beginning lady with her makeup skill. Before being able to…show more content…
The skin must be done first, because it is the canvas that you will be working on. Start off by applying primer to the oily areas of your face. Once primer is absorbed into skin, begin filling in your brows with your brow pencil. This is immediately followed by putting on foundation on a makeup sponge and applying it on your entire face to even out your skin tone. On top of your foundation, setting powder must be applied by putting powder on a “kabuki brush”, and gently applying it to your entire face. The setting powder is used so that your skin does not look oily after a long period of time. Next apply concealer under your eye to cover up dark under eye circles. This time with a makeup sponge place setting powder under your eye and allow it to “bake.” While allowing setting powder to bake move on to bronzing the face, which will bring back color to the skin. Apply bronzer to a dense brush and crave out the hollow points of your cheek, forehead, side of your nose, and tip of your nose. Add a light highlight to give your face a light glow. Add highlight to areas such as the tip of your nose and the high points of your cheek. You have the option to add blush. Once you are finished with the face makeup you can move on to the eye

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