Describe The Relationship Between Sunil And Maya

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Overview of the case: Sunil and Maya were married for one year. Sunil was eldest in the family with two younger brothers. He lost his father when he was doing his 10th standard. With lot of struggle his mother brought up all three sons. Sunil had high regards for his mother and very attached to her and his brothers. Maya was the eldest in the family. She had one younger sister. She also lost her father when she was 12 years old. As her mother was a working woman both Maya and her sister were left at the hostel. They had lot of financial difficulties as they never received any assistance or support from anybody including relatives. As her mother was earning they were able to manage things within the income. Maya was not very attached to either …show more content…

The space from where Maya was hailing was totally different from the space from where Sunil was hailing. That is having lost his father Sunil became closer to his kin and kith. His was a close knitted family where they shared everything and had a strong bond among the brothers and mother. They considered that as their strength. Whereas Maya and her sister were left in the hostel and she grew up on her own. Even when she went home for vacation rarely she got to spend time with her mother as she was working. Mother always said that she had to work hard as they had none to support them. Maya was not very close to her sister who was 7 years younger than her. Having lost her father at very tender age since that time she always had a feeling of insecurity regarding money. Her mother always preached that money was everything in life. Maya grew up on hearing such advice. It was strongly registered in her mind. She never experienced the joy of any relationship. As a family they were withdrawn from others and within the family they behaved as if they were separate individuals. She agreed to the marriage since Sunil was in a good job and earning a fairly good salary. When she came to know that he was spending large amount of money for his mother and brothers she could not accept that. She developed an fear that if something happened to Sunil like her father she would be left …show more content…

The value system with what the person was brought up will play a major role in shaping the person’s nature and behavior. Optimal functioning of relationship gets strained when individuals fail to recognize this fact. Counseling help to make fundamental changes in the perception and attitude of those involved in the relationship. They start looking and responding to the situation with different perspective and positive attitude. This helps to bring a viable solution to the concern. Thus counseling sessions help Sunil and

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