Democracy Roots in Colonial America

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Democracy developed in Colonial America from 1607, at the founding of Jamestown, up to 1783, with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. Democracy is defined as a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system. Ideas from documents created in England, such as the Bill of Rights, were brought over to the colonies. These ideas were implemented into the society of the colonists. The colonists also created their own democratic documents and ideas. The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut was the first written constitution in America, and contained many democratic ideas including elections. The Mayflower Compact also had fundamental democratic ideals such as government by mutual consent. Roger Williams also provided an argument for the separation of church and state. A big part of the democracy that developed in Colonial America was the social mobility the colonists had in the new nation. All of these ideas showed that democracy developed in Colonial America.

Many English ideas influenced the making of democracy. The Petition of Rights is a major English constitutional document and was one idea that helped to shape democracy. This document stated that no free man could be deprived of his liberties. In addition to this document, the Parliament of England also created the Habeas Corpus Act. This act stated that people unlawfully detained cannot be ordered to be prosecuted before a court of law. In other words, it prevented imprisonment for unknown crimes. Furthermore, one of England’s biggest influences on America was the Bill of Rights. This helped to create democracy by supporting rights such as freedom of speech and the l...

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...ies also played a role in shaping democracy.

From the 17th century up until the 18th century democracy was blooming and spiking the interests of the colonists. Democracy brought the most attention to those who were interested in independence. Democracy mainly grew due to the colonists’ desire for freedom and independence. Many of these democratic ideas started with documents such as The Mayflower Compact, The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, and The Bill Of Rights. These documents gave freedom and rights to the colonists and constructed a democratic society. The English and Colonists both contributed documents and ideas that helped to structure democracy in the colonies. Also, the social mobility of the colonists also made it possible for democracy to adapt. The many thoughts and ideas of this time period lead to the development of democracy in Colonial America.
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