Bill Of Rights Dbq

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There was a short time where all was calm right after the civil war. king charles the second and his father were both dead so Charles brother took over. this is king James the secondf and he was a Catholic sao he appointed many high positions in the government. Most of his sibjects were protestant and did not like the idea of Catholicism being the religion theyd have to abide by. like his father and brother king james the second ignored the peoples wishes and ruled without Parliament and relied on royal power. an English Protestant leader wanted to take the power away from james and give it to his daughter Mary and Her husband William from the Netherlands. William saled out to the south of england with his troops but sent them away soon after they landed …show more content…

The bill of Rights restricts, guarantes and establishes. It restricts unauthorised taxing without the Parliments approvial, gaurantees that the people will have rights and liberties and establishes england as a monarchy. Both events are crutial to the devolopment of democray. During the Age of reason European thinkers were confident humans could help make a better world, this was from mid-1600s to late 1700s. Also in this time period theres a time known as the scientific revolution. For example there was a man named Galileo in Italy and he corroborated the findings an astronomer named copernicus found by usings a telescope . another example is of a man named Issac Newton and he descovered the laws of planetary motion, invented calculus and explained gravity. Some of a few enlightnment thinkers are John Locke, Baron de Montesquieu and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. John Locke believed in natural law and this is something that is timeless and was here before any king had power. natural law is discovered by using reason for example theft and murder is naturally wrong and people know this and thats why its called natural

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