The Importance Of Home Care

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me Measures When it comes to individuals that are in need of home care, there’s just no place like home and if given the choice, I’m quite sure we would all rather stay in our own home and receive the care that is needed. However, sometimes people need help to remain at home and at times this care cannot be provided by family and friends. Therefore, a loved one may want to find a facility with a homelike setting in order to make their loved one feel as if they were at home. These facilities that provide homelike settings for their residents at an affordable cost are limited in half the globe. At this point, the main goal for the patient and the caregiver is to slow down the decline of the failing health of the patient. Although, more and more senior adults are pressing to live independently, safe and effective care still needs to be provided to them on a daily basis. It is common today in America for most of the care to older adults to be given by family members (Friedemann M.-L., Newman F.L., Buckwalter K.C. & Montgomery R.J.V., 2013). “Caregivers make economic and social sacrifices that endanger their health. They feel burdened, if they receive no assistance with their tasks; however, services available are not sufficiently used.” (Friedemann M.-L., Newman F.L., Buckwalter K.C. & Montgomery R.J.V., 2013) This statement is true to some point by my own experience. A caregiver should focus on caring for the patient and not receiving assistance with her tasks. However, I can seem to understand that the field of care giving should be worked to the best of the ability of the caregiver. If there is no one available to assist you as a caregiver with your task, then you should do your best at doing your task. What should be the go... ... middle of paper ...” (National Nursing Home Survey, 2004). According to Castle and Ferguson, nursing homes that have ongoing issues are associated with the quality of care that is provided within the organization. Rumors on the way patients were being treated have always caused consumers, government, and researchers to be concerned about the quality of nursing homes. This just shed the light on the truth as to how these nursing homes are really being run and how nursing home quality has been measured. It is noted that the concepts of what is measured, who does the measuring, and why measures are used go hand in hand with one another, like a knotted rope. None the less, steps such as strategic planning, communication, and recognition, need to be taken in the future and considered and this in turn will address and potentially improve the quality of care provided by nursing homes.
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