Deforestation And Ocean Pollution

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Deforestation and Oceanic Pollution
Nathan Levi
Canterbury School of Florida

Abstract Deforestation and Oceanic Pollution is occurring all over the world. Both of these processes have a huge impact on the natural balance of photosynthesis and cellular reparation, which controls the cycling of carbon.

(Deforestation, 2015). “Deforestation is the process of cutting down trees in a forest and using them for human needs. In the early 21st century, deforestation was one of the largest global issues in land use. The removal of tree is mostly used for wood products and for croplands. All the trees are removed from the land, during the practice of clear-cutting. Another practice is called
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The first and most common cause is sewage. Sewage flows through drainages that go directly to oceans or rivers. This makes the ocean have poor water quality, which can effect plants and animals living in the ocean. The world contain lots of industrial and agricultural places, which causes more waste being directly put into the oceans, this results in oceanic pollution. But, the dumping is not trash and sewage it is toxic liquids and it can be very hazardous towards marine life. There are approximately 14,000 oil spills a year, due to storms, accidents and etc. This is a huge part of ocean pollution. Oil can last for years in the ocean and can be really toxic to animals, suffocating marine life to death once the oil entraps them. Also oil is extremely hard to clean up out of water, this is why it lasts for years. Oil mining can also be a big cause to oceanic pollution. Ocean mines drill for gold, silver, copper and other minerals. This can cause damage to the lowest levels of the ocean and can increase the toxicity of the region. This method can also contribute with the leaking cause, sometimes there is oil spilling’s that happening while drilling. The final and last one that causes oceanic pollution is littering. Just like oil spills, this can be a huge part to pollution. Littering is when an object is blown away by the wind and ends up landing in the ocean, also because of humans making poor decisions in throwing trash into the ocean. Most of littering is plastic debris, plastic can be really bad for animals, if they mistake it for food or if it gets stuck onto

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