Definition Essay: From Happiness To My Parents

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What is happiness? Different people have different ideas. Some people are rich, and they think they are happy. Other people have many friends, so they feel happy. Still others are happy because their lives are meaningful. Happiness attracts everyone. For children, happiness often suggests eating good food and playing with toys. For a stamp collector, stamps bring more delight than meals. And for a scientist, a discovery or an invention rather than anything else gives him the greatest satisfaction. When I was very young, my parents always told me that I must study hard, so that l would make a lot of money and could have a happy life. To my parents, happiness means a bright future and money. But now that I am grown up, in keep thinking about what happiness is; my recognition of happiness is very different from my parents. In my eye, the meaning of happiness is very simple, it could be the small things which makes me satisfied. When I make programs in my study, I make my goal come true, I am so proud of myself. It is a happy moment for me. When I stay with my family, I talk to them and they are willing to listen to my words, we communicate happily, I am so happy it. Well, happiness is such easy for me to touch, because I am so easy to be satisfied. …show more content…

From my point of view, being in a good mood anytime and anywhere is the first thing for those who want to be happy. There is an old saying going like this" happy is he who is content" l can't agree with it any more. I still remember a story my mother told me when I was a child. A millionaire tried every means to seek after pleasure but to feel unhappy, it's not unique, but has its counterpart that poor man to whose name not having a thing always feel happy. Why are they so different? The answer is that the rich is being thinking how he can gain more while the poor is satisfied with what he owns at hand- health, freedom, love and so

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