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Can you picture your life without happiness? There are many things necessary to living a full and enjoyable life. One of these things is happiness. Without happiness, our lives would have no color or purpose. Therefore, everyone needs happiness in order to savor life.
In life, there are many things that will try and bring you down. However, if you keep happiness, you will rise above them. “Everyone is frantically looking around the world for happiness.” (Spaht 24-25). Instead, if you would relax and live life to the fullest, happiness would find you. “Our happiness is found in the happiness of other people.” (Spaht 27). When we make other people happy, we obtain happiness. “The more happiness you give, the happier you will be.” (Spaht 30) Due to the fact that we receive happiness when we deliver happiness, the more we give, the more we receive. “Happiness lies all around us; we just have to find it.” (Spaht 39). You should just sit back and let happiness come to you instead of searching for it.
Happiness isn’t something that we acquire. It is something that is given to us.”You can’t buy happiness.” (Lari 1-2). Happiness is granted to you through other people or objects. “Happiness isn’t something that can be learned.” (Lari 3-4). It is a natural instinct that you accept and live with. “Happiness is based on how you feel.” (Lari 8). For example, if you are in a joyful mood, you are more susceptible to being happy than if you were in a lousy mood. “Don’t wait for happiness. Instead, always be happy.” (Lari 21). If you are always open to happiness, you will live a much more pleasant life.
Everyone needs happiness; it is what we all strive for in life. “Happiness is a key factor to enjoying life.” (Williams 13). Without happiness, lif...

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...iness to others?” (Madewell). Before you can bring happiness to others, you yourself must be happy. When other people see your happiness, it will rub off on them and they too will become happy.
Happiness is a key factor to living a colorful and joyful life. Without it, life would be meaningless and boring. True happiness will come to you when you come to love the people and objects in your life. Therefore, you should take every action possible to achieve maximum happiness.

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