Flipkart Case Study

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The Bangalore-based e-commerce firmed Flipkart established in 2007.Flipkart has launched its own product range under the name "Digi Flip of Flipkart" with products including tablets, USBs, and laptop bags. At first, the organization was an online book shop. which has now grown up and works through a perplexing structure of business with 20 million items crosswise over 70+ classes available.

Business Model-

Flipkart basically used B2C Model, a consumer goes to the website, selects a catalog, orders the catalog and an email is sent to the business organization. After receiving the order, goods would be dispatched to the customer. This is a definition of B2C model.

Flipkart model-

1) Portal list sellers who sell the desired portfolio products
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Flipkart approaches to management of analytics-

Flipkart develops an enterprise-wide view of analytics, a company must accomplish more than incorporate information, combine analysts, or build a corporate IT platform. It must eradicate all of the limited, piecemeal perspectives harbored by managers with their own agendas, needs, and fears— and replace them with a single, holistic view of the company. It may sound like we’re proselytizing for a Far Eastern cult, but this is really just an effective management practice.
By integrating all these data in one platform will help us to figure out the answers of following questions.

 Which performance factors have the greatest impact on our future growth and profitability?
 How can we anticipate and influence changing market conditions?
 Are managers’ decisions well aligned with our company strategy, or are they merely promoting the managers’ self-interest?
 How should we optimize investments across our products, geographies, and marketing channels? (Davenport, Harris, & Morison, 2010)

3.Senior Management Commitment
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Stage 1 : Organizations have some desire to become more analytical, but thus far they lack both the will and the skill to do so. This is what is called as Analytically impaired Organizations.
Flipkart Approach for Stage 1 (Analytically impaired Organizations)
Flipkart started stage first in 2007. When they didn’t have any analytics platform or any enterprise platform to analyze the customer purchasing pattern. now, FlipKart lately completed the second version of huge billion sale held among thirteen and 17 October. wherein it 's miles suggested that they noticed an enterprise turnover of three hundred million in gross products extent.

Stage 2 : Organizations exhibit the typical localized analytics approach to "business intelligence" but they don 't measure up to the standard of competing on analytics.
Flipkart Approach for stage 2 (localized Analytics)
Flipkart started to focusing more on the customer behaviour by using web analytics They applied analytics to individual applications and generated quick ROI. Flipkart implemented analytics in local and opportunistic departments but not supporting their distinctive