Decision Making Technique

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Importance of Effective Decision-Making Techniques

As any strategist can tell you, being anticipatory gives one a great competitive advantage. It is very important for businesses to complete a thorough analysis of any given situation in order to develop a solution. Picking the correct tool or technique is crucial to the success of a group searching for the best solution. There are important decisions being made each and every day. Some of these decisions will mean the difference of a corporation's success or failure and will effect the livelihood of those employed by or dependant on the corporation and its success. There are key questions that must be answered and obstacles anticipated in order to come up with the proper solution. Failure to make the right decision at the right time can mean losing business to a competitor and threatening the future of an organization. Tools and techniques for decision making help you to identify new opportunities, avoid being blindsided and turn potential threats into healthy prospects. There are many tools and techniques out there to pick and chose form. The choice is yours.


The Right Tool, or Technique, for the Job

There are many tools and techniques to help businesses ensure that the most productive solution is implemented. The technique that is being examined here is the Six Thinking Hats.

The Technique

The Six Thinking Hats is a technique developed by world renowned teacher of creative thinking, Dr. Edward de Bono. He has authored many books that establish new techniques for make possible creative and productive thinking in the workplace. The Six Hats, whose colors represent a different angle to viewing a given problem, help in guiding the thought process in a syste...

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...t a given situation or proposed solution. When used as intended, the Six Hats can help a group explore ideas become more productive allowing the participants to become animated. The Six Thinking Hats technique has helped many corporations develop sounder and more resilient plans and solutions than would otherwise be achieved.


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