Informative Essay On Concussions

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Michael Fier was playing a late night football game in 2009 at the humongous Sam Barlow High School. He was a tall and skinny wide receiver on the left side, he was open. The ball was passed and then the ball was caught! Michael Fier was at the 20 yard line, 15, 10, BOOM!(Concussion Legacy Foundation) Michael had been knocked unconscious. He got knocked right in the head, the result was a severe concussion. This wasn’t his first concussion, it was just byfar the worst one. Michel has gotten 7 other small concussions. A week later, doctors also found that Michael had gotten C.T.E[A brain injury caused by multiple concussions or hard hits to the head(C.T.E Center- What is C.T.E)]. He just screamed,”WHAT, a concussion now this?!”(Concussion Legacy Foundation) “Don’t worry Michael we’ll get through this”his mom said. “The only way for you to heal C.T.E is to get surgery for $62,000,” the doctor explained.(C.T.E Center- What is C.T.E)…show more content…
“No, this is the only way’’ the doctor said emotionally.(Concussion Legacy Foundation) By then Michael was kicking chairs and almost breaking into tears, he was extremely depressed. This meant he could never play football again, he loved it too much to give it up but he might have to. Michael couldn’t stop thinking about how he couldn’t play football. He just wanted to get back on the field and catch the ball and forget about everything, he wanted to play the game, forget about everything, and stay in that intense moment when the balls hurtling towards you and you could be the one to score for your team. He also thought that they might not be able to pay for the surgery(Concussion Legacy Foundation) It’s eight months later, and Michael’s mother had just gotten a cheap, inexpensive paycheck, and they finally had enough money for Michael’s badly needed $62,000 surgery. They were both so excited and relieved. Michael got his surgery 26 days later.(Concussion Legacy
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