Death Of A Financier Essay

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Frank Carellini
Professor Joseph J. Ellis
Honors 290C
Death Of A Financier:
From Establishing America’s Credit
To Financing The Revolution
To Debtor’s Prison

Amer·i·can noun ə-ˈmer-ə-kən, -ˈmər-, -ˈme-rə-
: A person born, raised, or living in the U.S.
An American is defined as a person born, raised or living in the U.S. There are sacred grounds from which American roots clearly stem. There are words that instantaneously come to our minds when our American pride is questioned or insulted. Financial stability is not one of them. Passionate, idiosyncratic, united, diplomatic, relentless: these are the synonyms of American and our associated founding. But not “Financially Stable.” Actually most “Americans” are disgusted by one or more facets of the American financial system, bellowing at its corrupt, dishonest methods and lack of sympathy for our people. We are often quick to dismiss money and business as unethical creatures. It is easy to praise controversial soldiers and philosophical demigods and wooden teeth and cherry trees, when relishing in America’s emotional and inspiring foundation. Despite its stagnant reputation as a crippling agent, “Finance” and the almighty dollar (or should I say the almighty “Morris note”) once held a genuine place in the fight for American independence and maturity as a newly-birthed nation. Money was once a note of trust, a building block for international commerce and relationships. As America was born, commerce did not only translate into profits, but it was the beginning of an international web that would be the site of synthesis for social, political and economic paradigms. In the wake of America’s foundation, Robert Morris personalized currency. Coupling transactions with handshakes and...

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...f financially networking. The simple misappropriation of funds tore his life apart. Money is a perception game. With money one can easily be characterized by arrogance and selfishness; without it, desperation and despair. America is a place of commerce and we need to be. There has been an everlasting parting from the original isolationist policies, instituted by Washington. I have reason to believe his close friend Robert Morris, is the reason for our global success.
The first official act of Hamilton, as Secretary of the Treasury, was to recommend that the domestic and foreign debt be paid, dollar for dollar. When the paper containing this recommendation was read before Congress, it thought that the new Secretary of the Treasury had gone mad. How was a nation of less than 4,000,000 of people to voluntarily assume a debt of $75,000,000!
In The Financier, I Trust.
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