Death In Hamlet's Death

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Death occurs to people every single day, it’s how those people died that makes the death significant. There are some people who die of old age, illness, or by an accident. However, some people end their lives or are murdered. In the play Hamlet, almost every single character introduced ends up dying. These characters end up dying, because Hamlet, the main character, wants revenge on his Uncle Claudius for killing his father; instead, he kills and causes many more deaths in the play. William Shakespeare is the author of this evil and intense tragedy, in which some believe he wrote about his son Hamlet, because he named the play Hamlet after his son passed away. Furthermore, Shakespeare makes the play dark and bitter like. In Hamlet, the theme…show more content…
Before Ophelia dies, in act four, Claudius wishes to know where Hamlet put the dead body of Polonius. Hamlet refuses to tell him, and says for his uncle to go to hell. This is when Claudius tells Hamlet he is going to be sent to England to be executed. Right before Hamlet kills Polonius and speaks with his mother, Hamlet and Ophelia get into a huge argument. Polonius and the King set up a scam to see if Hamlet’s “madness” is caused by Hamlet’s love for Ophelia. Ophelia, breaks up with Hamlet, and Hamlet becomes livid. He tells Ophelia, “You should not have believed me...I loved you not,” (act three, scene one, lines 126-128). Hamlet also tells Ophelia that she is a nymph, meaning that she sleeps around. Even though, the audience puts together that Ophelia is pregnant with Hamlet’s baby. While Hamlet begins to sail to England, Ophelia becomes mentally insane. She starts reciting poems, songs, and complete nonsense. She’s depressed because her father was just killed by her lover, Hamlet tore her apart by treating her like dirt, and just found out that Hamlet is being sent to England to be executed. In the article, On Ophelia’s Madness, it enlightens, “And yet her tragedy seems to me to have been misinterpreted by a long array of critics, who have emphasized that her madness is due chiefly to the death of her father,” (Camden). Ophelia commits suicide by drowning herself, and the argument here, is if she ended her life because of Hamlet, or because of her father’s death. Camden believes that her self slaughter was because of Hamlet, in which if she killed herself because of her father’s death, it would be Hamlet to blame, for he killed Polonius. Ophelia, the love of Hamlet’s life, just killed his own girl. This is yet another death the Hamlet has caused. Hamlet, on the way to England, knows that a letter on the ship is from his uncle, sent to the King of England, that states loud and clear, to
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