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A lot of people say that the southern part of the united states is what started the war. Their stubborn ways force the north to take action which lead to the civil war. In all reality there was more that came into play when the civil war was in the making. States rights was one of the problem that lead to the civil war, the constitution did not define who had what powers and what authority over one what. Also slavery played a part because the slaves were raising up and fighting for their rights in which the south did not like and and the north tried to help only making the problem worse. The differences between the free states and the slave states was the power of the national government to prohibit slavery in the territories that had not yet When victory in the Mexican War resulted in the US expanding its territory all the way to the Pacific Ocean, the question was now whether or not to permit slavery in the new territories. The debate over slavery increased , creating a bigger gap between the states who wanted slaves and the states that did not have slavery . the new Republican Party swept the 1859 elections in the North and the party’s candidate Abraham Lincoln, and accepted the problem of the expansion of slavery, Which caused north carolina and other states to secede causing the whole problem, leading to the civil war. Some people may argue that the war could have been avoided if The north would have just let the south secede from the united states. But the united states is supposed to be a democracy which lets the people in which power is vested in the people, who rule either directly or through freely elected representatives. So if the north would have let the south secede from the union then they would not have been letting the south have a voice in what they wanted. There allies would see this and not want to be associate anymore.This is why the argument is

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