Database Mangement and Retrieval System

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Question 1.
Differentiate between database management system and information retrieval system by focusing on their functionalities.
Database Management System (as known as DBMS) is a set of application that enable user to create, edit, update, store and retrieve data from database files. By using DBMS, data in a database can be added, deleted, changed, sorted and searched. DBMSs are usually used to manage employee information of a big company, customer information and stock information.
By using the DBMS, there are advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of a DBMS is the same information can be available to any user, minimizing redundancy can reduce the cost of storing information on other devices, the accuracy in using DBMS because of their up to date data and data is easy to access. The disadvantages of DBMS is implementing this system can be high cost and time consuming, even the training.
When we mentioned about the functionalities of DBMS, there are four main components. The four components are data, hardware, software and user. The data is something plain, raw, unorganized facts that needs to be processed to be meaningful. Hardware is physical component of the computer system and also known as peripheral. Software is application inside the computer. Lastly, the user is the one who clearly understand what it means to use the system on a daily basis.
There are a number of functions that a typical DBMS will support.
• Data Definition Language as known as DDL – to define a database. The DBMS must allow users to create database definitions
• Data Manipulation Language as known as DML – to insert, update, delete, and query data in the database.
• Concurrency control that is allows shared access to the database, with multip...

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