Database Environment Classification

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Database environment can be classified into three simple categories:
a. Human:
Database Administrator - They are responsible to monitor and maintain the databases in an organization.
Systems Developers - They are responsible for the development of the computer applications which will talk to the database in do the necessary operations and display the results to the end users.
b. Machine:
User Interface - This is how the computer application looks and what the end user will use to interact.
Application Programs- This is the core of the computer application. These are the programs which are related to the application, so that user can use the system to get output .
c. Database:
Repository- It is a centralized knowledge base . It contains all the data definitions , report format and definitions of organizations which are related and system components.
Database Management System- It is a commercial software system which is used to create , maintain and provide controlled access to the repository.
Database - It is a collection of logically related data which is required to meet the needs of applications or users of organizations.

SQL is a special purpose programming language designed for managing data held in relational database management systems(RDBMS). [1]

1. SQL Components:
There are three components.
a. Data Definition Language .
b. Data Manipulation Language .
c. Data Control Language .
Data Definition Language (DDL):
This component is used to CREATE and ALTER (or) modify the tables and the objects of that database.

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...tandards and the role they play in business
By following SQL standards there is greater role of compatibility between similar kind of databases. The structure is proper and the maintenance of the database will be less and the application would be stable which will lead to reduced cost of maintenance.
SQL standard provides a module language as a interface to other languages. SQL statements may be sent as a procedure that can have parameters passed to it from a external language and called when required.
By following SQL standards the process of handing the transitions of database is systematic which reduces the overhead costs.


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