Cyber Stalking: Ethics in Science and Technology

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People are social creatures and because of that we think of our relationships as very important aspects of our own being. Some have many friends while others have those they call their BFF (a.k.a.: Best Friend Forever). We all long for strong relationships at some level. Maybe we’re looking for the one we’ll go through life with or even be lucky enough to find our soul mate. It’s also human nature that if we form a relationship with another, we want for nothing to ever change that feeling of happiness we have acquired much less let anything come between it. Unfortunately, relationships don’t always last or work out the way we’d planned them too. People change over the course of their lives. They grow apart, experience irreconcilable differences, and yes - befriend others. It happens all the time. If one isn’t able to let go and move on it can be a troublesome time for them. With modern forms of communication so accessible a person emotionally charged from a bad relationship has the means readily to harass another. As, a result Cyberstalking has become the forum for those whom don’t have the self-control to leave others alone. What’s Cyberstalking? According to our book, “Cyberstalking is threatening behavior or unwanted advances directed at an adult using Internet or other forms of online electronic communications; it is the adult version of cyberbullying. (Reynolds, 2012) Think about how many people you’ve known who’ve had an ex-whatever decide not to let go of a broken relationship or just let it die. Regretfully, most of us have seen this at some point in our lives. There’s no hope for a future with the other person, yet, they can’t let it go. They text them constantly, leave messages on their phone, follow them everywhere the... ... middle of paper ... ...d March 15, 2014, from Morrill, D. (2010, February 8). Facebook Cyber Stalking. Retrieved March 15, 2014, from NIGHTLINE: Watt, Nick; McLean, Bonnie. (2012, July 9). Celebrities and Cyberstalkers: The Dark Side of Fame in the Internet Age. Retrieved March 6, 2014, from PHELPS, M. (2013, April 12). Man arrested for cyberstalking after posting lewd Craigslist ad with nude photos of ex-girlfriend | Kirkland Police Blotter. Retrieved March 15, 2014, from Reynolds, G. W. (2012). Ethics In Information Technology, Fourth Edition. Boston: Joe Sabatino.

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