Cyber Security Policies and Defense Contractors

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Abstract Cyber security policies in the private sector have been a challenging issue for major defense contractors, especially after recent attacks. As a result, the U.S. increased its strict enforcement against these companies by justifying its intervention to improve cyber security. The government would like to impose standards for companies who lack the proper protocol. Due to the revised and new procedures, corporations are responding by rejecting any congressional intervention. This has caused major friction in the relationship between the government and industry.

The executive, judicial and legislative branch believes its responsibility is to provide cyber security capabilities to protect all information at contractor facilities. On the other hand, companies believe their current structure will provide the best protection for their clients. In addition, businesses believe their not being compensated enough by the government for the responsibility they have taken on.

As these issues continue to arise, lawmakers have taken drastic measures to implement policies that will allow them to oversee their cyber security practices.


Past and recent cyber attacks like Wiki Leaks have prompted the United States government to make drastic modifications to its cyber security policies. Various regulations are, have been and will be put in place to meet the growing problems within the cyber realm. The Cyberspace Policy Review is one plan to evaluate all U.S. strategies pertaining to cyber security. This review will include many procedures that handle security, operations, incident response and recovery. New and existing policies are being revised to meet the requirement set by U.S. government. As a result, the privat...

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...o overcome these obstacles, both entities will need to establish a partnership that will assist each other in securing their classified and highly sensitive information. It is imperative that corporations adhere to the rules and regulations outlined by the federal government to prevent cyber attacks and information lost. Although private sector disagrees with these new regulations, the government still believes these policies will benefit the industry tremendously. If these two entities work together, they can provide resources between both domains to help eliminate the rise in cyber attacks. Even though hack events will continue to rise, the government can reduce the amount of cyber attacks with experience security professionals and open communication. These modifications will help prevent further attacks before they occur and defend against others when they occur.
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