Cyber Security, Ethics, And Ethics

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Overview Millions of people all around the world are using Smartphones, like iPhones, which turns out to be crucial part of our lives. We are using them not only for calling but we also store unbelievably huge amount of personal information. We have there all our contacts, calls and messages and all our pictures that we save and keep in the phones. A t here’s also a calendar on the phone, with all the information about where we have been and where we are planning to go. All this information is private and sensitive and this has to be protected carefully from criminals and hackers. In this case study, I aim to present the recent issue about Cyber security, protecting client’s private data and information through the controversial Apple and…show more content…
In Apple case we can use several theories to study if Apple and FBI are behaving ethically or unethically. Kant theory is saying that everyone must do things for the right reasons. According to Deontological ethics theory, an action is considered favourable sometimes because of some good aspect of action in itself without considering its good result from the action. This theory is much based upon the one’s morals and values which expresses the “sake of duty” and virtue. Deontology tells us to be fair and not to take advantage of others while teleology tells about doing whatever we want and it gives us a result that is good to us. [17] Cyber security is very important and big public safety concern. Everyone are worried if there is possibility that the most confidential and private info is exposed to hackers or governmental organisations. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey found that 47 percent said Apple should not collaborate with FBI. And when they were asked if FBI needs to keep an eye on terrorist then they were almost split equally.…show more content…
[6] As FBI confirmed that they managed to unlock the terrorist mobile, then this makes Apple worried that the hackers would not send this specific technique to other hackers. Apple needs to work very fast that FBI would not be able to use this specific hacking method for too long time. [9] The implications of the government’s wants are frightening. They need new regulations that would make their work easier and faster. Problem at moment is that if the government can use the All Writs Act to make it easier to unlock your iPhone, then FBI can easily just arrest and block all your information you had in your mobile or follow your location, or even access your phone’s microphone or camera without you even knowing about it. [12] In this case it’s I think important to understand that Apple would happily open this one phone and give the FBI the info they needed. But this isn’t what the government really wants. The government wants a backdoor key into the operating system itself. This means that government will have total right of entry into your iPhone. This has to be regulated to protect

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