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No one likes it when our emails are read, or when we think someone has looked at our text messages, but can you imagine cyber-snooping on a massive scale? Can you imagine cyber war, where countries infiltrate computer systems of other countries in order to overpower and control them? Though cyber attacks are not as obvious to Americans like other problems, such as poverty, illegal immigration, or a poor economy, a cyber attack could destroy our country. I believe that our government needs to make the protection against a cyber attack our highest priority when considering all other threats against America.
Consider what it would be like if computers that regulate subway systems, trains, planes, ships did not work properly. There could be multiple accidents with vehicles not following their course or not working because the computer systems that regulate them are not working. It could be disastrous.A cyber attack on our communication and transportation infrastructures could freeze our nation’s ability to do these things safely at the biggest levels. If these systems are attacked, the ability to use technology to talk and travel safely may not be possible. “...Because the nation’s grid has about 600 separate owners, and their computers are heavily interconnected with links that can carry both good data and malicious code, 100 percent protection against cyber attack is unlikely” (Wald). It is easy to take for granted the ability to get ahold of family and friends that live far away, or travel safely to work every day, but cyber attacks on computer systems that regulate telephone lines, computer data bases, subways, trains, and airplanes could be devastating to a huge number of people.
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...tecting America from a cyber attack should be our nation’s highest priority. It is true that poverty, illegal immigration, and a poor economy are problems in America. There are other problems also that have people concerned. Computer power is important to America, however, because it controls our country’s operations on a massive scale. If it is jeopardized, not only could it be impossible to communicate or travel, our food and water supplies may be unfit to eat and drink. If that is not bad enough, if our defense computer systems are compromised then our country is at risk immediately of attack from any country, anywhere in the world, including within our own. It is important to protect our country from obvious problems, but we need computer experts working around the clock to make sure our computer systems notice immediately if our infrastructures are attacked.

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