Curriculum Is More Than Just A Document Or A Plan

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Curriculum is more than just a document or a plan. Curriculum is more than just the covering of key content and completing the learning outcomes that make up the intended curriculum. Curriculum is much more than these things and therefore within curriculum there will be many complex issues to be dealt with. One such issue is that of social disadvantage and inequality. As much as the education department would like to achieve educational equality, disadvantages such as those to students from low socioeconomic status still persist. Virtual Schoolbag is a notion created by Pat Thomson. Virtual Schoolbag is a metaphorical schoolbag that is filled with all the non-physical ‘things’ each individual student brings with them to school. The Virtual Schoolbag contains the student’s knowledge, personal narrative of experiences and heritage and the student’s interests. A student’s Virtual Schoolbag will have a major impact on their experience with the educational system and therefore shape the rest of the student’s life. The items in a student’s Virtual Schoolbag can often have no congruence with the curriculum and can result in the alienation of the child. Thomson’s notion of Virtual Schoolbag should be made familiar to educators so they can work with the student to help relate, find meaning and make use of the items in their Virtual Schoolbag. Cultural Capital is the knowledge that is valued by a particular culture (Thomson, 2002). This includes the dominant interests and expectations of a community for its members. Successful students have a strong sense of self concept and worth. They know themselves and the expectations of the community and they possess the Cultural Capital for success. Through schooling this Cultural Capital is refined... ... middle of paper ... ...bag is very important for educators to know so they can work with the student to make the time spent at school most beneficial for the student’s future. The curriculum issue of social disadvantage and inequality will only be fought by educators who understand the child as an individual with different items in their Virtual Schoolbag that need relevance in the school setting. This will be done through how the educator makes sense of the education system for each student through building on Cultural Capital while not disadvantaging those without the desired Symbolic Capital, finding meaning and relevance for the items in the student’s Virtual Schoolbag, implementation of the curriculum to consider all students and different teaching strategies that take advantage of the student’s Virtual Schoolbag. Understanding Virtual Schoolbag will result in educational equality.

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