Curious, Not Nosy: A Soldier´s Welcome Home

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It was during Christmas time in New York when a plane landed at the airport with a special package. Many families anxiously waited for this moment since the day the packages left; they were absolutely ready to receive their packages again with open arms. Once they laid eyes on their special packages, tears of joy flowed and embraces quickly followed. These families have waited and finally saw their beloved relatives come back home from serving in the armed forces. Everything was perfect in the eyes of all the families at the airport. After the soldiers came home, the citizens of New York held many special celebrations because of the return of the soldiers. They thanked them for their service through banners, celebrations, ceremonies, and parties. However, this feeling would soon die as quickly as it grew. At that time, I was a rookie in the detective agency. It was my first year in the field, but I was a troublemaker. I was always inquisitive, often found looking through hidden files and confidential papers. I repeatedly got caught by my boss, Shucks. Shucks was a man who went by the rules. He went strictly by the rules and did everything routinely and precisely. He was a superstitious man, having to do the same routine in order to have a good result. Shucks handled all the investigation cases a certain way, which always started with the call receiving the case. Then, as he believes, a certain chain of events must happen in a certain sequence in order for the case to be successful. He never questioned anything said by his superiors and expected the same from me and my coworkers. It never seemed like he was fond of me because of my, as he called it, nosy status, and this was made obvious with my first mission. It was December ... ... middle of paper ... ...ear. “You feel better, Collin? You seem to breathe easier,” Pop said. I chuckled. “Yeah, it seems like that. I can’t wait for the next mission.” Pop let out a chortle, “Call me when you get another one, Collin.” He walked to his car, waved goodbye, and drove away. Now it was just me and Shucks. We walked to the car silently. He started the car and drove back to the agency. When we neared our destination, Shucks confessed, “Collin, I was a little hard on you at first, but you really came through on this mission. I owe you an apology, rookie. I take back what I said about your nosy status. I actually think that inquisitive and curious are the right adjectives this time. Rookie, don’t change; don’t make me change my mind about your curious personality. We need more people like you, Collin. Don’t be surprised if you get a call soon, and remember to answer the phone”

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