Cultures Influences on Art

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Cultures Influences on Art With changes in culture, come changes in art. Throughout history,

artworks have been produced as an imitation of the culture and society

in which they were created. The cultural frame examines the meaning of

artworks in relation to the social perspective of the community from

which it grows. A reflection can be seen in Manet’s realist artwork of

Olympia, and similarly, Umberto Boccioni’s Unique forms of Continuity

and Space reflects different beliefs and conventions merely as a

result of societal changes. Pop Art works such a Andy Warhol’s Marilyn

x 100 and Post – modern works, such as Yasumasa Morimura’s Monna Lisa

in its Origin, are also strong reflections of the society in which

they were created.

Edouard Manet’s Olympia, an extremely controversial painting of its

time, reflects greatly its cultural context. Created during the time

of Realism (from c.1850 to c.1880) and in the city of Paris, it

demonstrated the new and exciting Parisian way of life and the

determination of the Realist artists to depict life as it was seen

rather than the traditional fantasy and romantic exaggeration. The

redesign of Paris in the 1860s saw a great change in the social

practices and activities and a rise particularly in the Middle Class

due to the prosperous Industrial Revolution. The redesigning of Paris

resulted in the demolition of hundreds of buildings and

neighbourhoods, some home to many pre-existing brothels. Therefore,

there was a big move into the city by many people, including a large

number of prostitutes. The stimula...

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...s strong influence

of technology, mass production and the media through its construction

and meaning. The kitsch appropriated artwork of Monna Lisa in its

Origin by Yasumasa Morimura is a fine example of postmodernism art and

a mix of cultures.


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