Cultural Experience Reflection Paper

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Class Reactions: Homework 1
Cultural competencies provide students in the Bachelors of Social Work studies an opportunity to expose themselves to different situations and environments then they are already familiar with. Learning about cultures allows students who endeavor to become social workers to recognize and understand the behaviors and mannerisms presented in various cases.
Cultural Competence Experience Initially I felt intrigued by the idea presented in our upcoming assignment to cultural experience assignment. I began to wonder what I could do to break out from my own culture to better develop an understanding of other cultures around me. Once we began to discuss the assignment further in class I caught the part about listening for
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I can understand the interest in connecting with a group of people on a regular basis, but to just attend an activity where attendees’ cycle seems odd. Due to the way I was raised I believe the activity I can gain the most from should include an average community activity. I have considered attending a PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) meeting, or an activity provided by the Hardin County Library. It has also been suggested that I may consider attending an EA (Emotions Anonymous) meeting. I have reviewed the upcoming activities at the library and there will some crafts and work out groups. I feel that in these groups I can begin to incorporate the “normal” into my own life. This is a vital step for me if I wish to be able to advise others to be active in their communities.
Cultural Competency. Cultural competency is a vital aspect of a helper’s toolbox. Social workers must understand the variances among cultures. They must accept that though we are all human we have different beliefs and customs. Understanding Cultural competence allows social workers a glance at other perspectives. This knowledge can permit social workers to be able to listen and understand their client and provide suggestions without imposing their own beliefs and customs on their client (Horejsi & Sheafor,
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Upon entering this class, I was uncertain of what would be expected of me. The text book for the class is very through and professional while maintaining a fairly easy readability. I felt a little less secure as I began reading the text because it is so concise. Did this mean I should already have some of the material covered down pact or was what I knew enough and the rest would come? The syllabus did not make things too much easier with all the competencies listed, at least not until I attended orientation on campus to discover the value of this list. The assignments that are mentioned in the syllabus also seemed to overwhelm me a bit until we started to discuss them in class. I guess in part I have a fear of the unknown and that makes me anxious.
After the class began discussing the syllabus and I was able to take notes on the expectations I began to feel more at ease. I acknowledge that I have weaknesses in my education through my seeming inability to recall all the information I have received repeatedly over the years. However, with this weakness, that I am starting to accept may be average, I am definitely able to find the information I need. I am alert enough to the previously taught information that I know what I am looking for when I cannot put my finger on it. This knowledge offers me some
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