Cultural Differences Between American Indians And European Americans

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Introduction Most people say change is good, but was it good for the many different cultural groups that migrated to and in America? Moving or living in a new place with different cultures can be challenging and trying to adapt can be difficult. Many are faced with a number of challenges with interfere with their lifestyles. An example is equal or fair treatment and the pressures to fit in with society. American Indians and European Americans have collectively been affected by public policy in ways that are both positive and negative. However both groups fought for not only what they believed in, but their rights. American Indians American Indians were the first people living in America long before the European Americans. It is believed that…show more content…
Most American Indian cultures were affected most by the English, French, and Spanish (book). The way American Indians were treated was based on the reasons for Europeans reasons for migrating to the New World (book). Although they were the first people in the region, they were often forced to migrate for various different reasons. By late 1700’s various policies were established by the English, some of which are still in place today (book). The Indian Claims Commission was established in the early seventeenth century. Laws were included that required whites to buy Indian land during this time. When the land was bought by the whites the Indians were forced to migrate to areas that were called Indian…show more content…
The Indian Removal Act effected the success of Indian Americans when it came to happily living their lives. The Indian Removal Act was passed in 1830 which set up different districts located in Indian Territory that would accept eastern Indian tribes (book). Under this act Indians had the choice to have title of their land and to be free of the United States government or to be under federal jurisdiction (book). Although many American Indians resisted the removal process, there was no way of stopping it. As a result, in the 1830’s and 1840’s a number of American Indians from the east of Mississippi (book). Not only were they moved to the Oklahoma area, but they were also placed in the War Department

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