Critical Success Factors Essay

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TPA 08 INFO 101, 2016 T2 Introduction IT and interactive software has become so popular that business and IT projects are getting too big for a company and require team work. The bigger the project,the bigger the need for more team members. This makes it more difficult to arrange the team members so that the project can be done efficiently. For large projects, critical success factors are becoming very important as they make sure that the work gets completed on time. “CSFs are a way to prioritize certain tasks as the project plan is being executed. Having clear CSFs helps the project team clarify what needs to be worked on first or needs special attention, allowing people to work together to achieve the project’s main objectives”(Wrike,2016). Critical Success Factors There are many success factors which allow companies to achieve their project goals. Such as having a clear definition of success, a willingness to make unpopular decisions, assigning team members clearly defined roles and responsibilities and having a good plan for risk management. I think the most important by far is having a clear definition of success as without knowing what you want, you can’t achieve it. "Too often as IT professionals, we assume that success is …show more content…

This is where critical success factors come in. Critical success factors are essentially activities which make the goal of the company achievable. Example of critical success factors include having a clear definition for success, willingness to make unpopular decisions and assigning team members clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Seeing failed software is the best way to highlight their importance and the example of Novopay has been mentioned in this

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