Personal Goals In Nursing

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In order to be successful is it essential to develop a personal plan that will help keep the individual focused. In nursing school it is crucial to create a plan that will aid me into transitioning into practice as a Registered Nurse. This paper will explain my plan of transition, by identifying areas in which I need improvement in, goals to help me succeed, a timeline to promote goal accomplishments, requirements I need to establish, and challenges I am willing to face in order to transform from a student to a Registered Nurse.
Areas of Improvement Being successful is not an easy challenge to overcome because sometimes things do not go as planned. To actually succeed in a task, there needs to be improvements so show growth and strength.
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According to Mind Tools, “setting goals gives you a long-term vision and short- term motivation” (Mind Tools, 2016 para 5). It is crucial to set goals because they provide self- confidence once you accomplish them and is important to have in order to stay motivated. In order for me succeed with my nursing career I have set 3 goals that will help me stay focused. The first goal is finally becoming great as a critical thinker. In nursing school they teach students skills that we need to care for patients, but those skills are useless without thinking in a critical manner (Ruesink, 2015). I want to be able to fully be successful in identifying a problem, and quickly knowing how to address it. I can accomplish this goal by taking practice exams and doing case studies, in which my mind will be forced to critical think. I already know the basics of critical thinking, but by December I need to start getting 90% of NCLEX practice questions correct in order to show improvement. My other goal is to receive 80% or higher on all of my Complex Care exams. I can achieve this by spending an extra 2 hours studying material, and this can be done by starting to study the first day after I take an exam, instead of waiting couple of days. I will find out if I need more improvement after my first exam. The last goal is of course passing the graduating, and passing the NCLEX on my first try. I plan to graduate on December 16, and I want to take the NCLEX end of February because I think it gives me time to rest and study. I plan to take additional NCLEX classes to help me succeed. These goals are achievable and realistic, which means I can and will achieve them by the time I graduate and take my NCLEX
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