Critical Practice In Academic Essay

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Define critical practice in academic essay writing It is considered that critics love to take sides. As compelling as it may be, being critical is not about trusting one’s instinct and taking a one-sided decision, but rather investigate, evaluate and consider different opinions and only thereafter cultivate one’s own perspective. In practice, critical thinking can be referred as an ‘active process’ that implies raising questions and finding information yourself, contrasting with the ‘passive process’ of receiving ideas and information from someone else.(Dewey, 1910) The ultimate question is why would a critical approach be better in an academic environment? This essay will outline the types of thinking and cultural differences regarding…show more content…
The similarity between convergent thinking and critical reasoning is that they are looking ‘inward’ to find a solution, by bringing together facts and evaluating them to make informed decisions, while divergent and creative thinking look ‘outward’ for the purpose of finding a solution by exploring established theories and generating new ideas. (Thinking skills – analytical, critical and creative thinking, no date) Furthermore, a contrast in different cultures regarding the way students make use of critical practice can be found. Critical thinking is a practice in the Anglo-American higher education, while in the eastern world, the ‘Confucian heritage’ presumes an avoidance of being critical for it can be interpreted as impoliteness and lack of respect. However hard it may be for international students to get accustomed to the Western type of thinking, research shows that there is applicability in their personal lives, suggesting that critical thinking can increase the ability to understand different perspectives.(Tanaka and Gilliland, 2016) By using the Anglo-American method, ordinary classrooms convert into “communities of inquiry”(Lipman, 2003 p.105) where students have the ability to exchange ideas, develop hypotheses, transform and recreate knowledge thus becoming knowledgeable, enquiring and
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