Critical Evaluation of 1 Child Policy in China

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Critical Evaluation of 1 Child Policy in China The policy was started in 1979, due to the population dramatically increasing to an estimated 1 billion people. In China there was a limited amount of farming land and the country could not cope with feeding this population. The country is Communist and the ideas of the party were to show to the World how brilliant the vision of Communism was. For this, it could not ask other countries for loans or trade, otherwise it would be showing the signs of weakness. This threatened the survival and development of China, especially since the "baby boomers" born in the 1960s reaching child-bearing ages in the late 1970s, the Chinese government has tried to curb the exponential growth of its population in the fear of economic collapse and the arrival of famine by enforcing Family Planning programs such as mandatory sterilization, a one-child per family policy, and force abortion. The advantages of the 1 child policy are due to its speed of recovery and the minor costs. Due to the family planning programs, which include free education and overall support from the government, the population becomes better educated on basic health and the improvement of personal hygiene. It also tends to increase parents' willingness and ability to promote their child's education and training. The benefits of a successful family planning program are it slows population growth and thus reduces the demand for natural resources. It slows down the increase in pressure on arable land and in urban growth it makes it easier to solve housing or unemployment problems. On the other hand, there are many disadvantages to this... ... middle of paper ... through looking at graphs and results the population is still high. The problems were that of the Communist leaders and how they could not ask for loans or go into trade as it showed the signs of weakness. There is great support for providing various safe, efficient, and low cost contraceptive methods to the national family planning program by most Chinese scientists and doctors. The actual policy has been tweaked since from it originally began, such as it is seen in the rural areas it is greatly needed that more than 1 child is needed, the people are now allowed to have a daughter first and then a son. If this occurs the benefits are still there and no additional tax has to be paid. Also, due to this more girls are being brought up and not killed off, factors such as rape and kidnapping will decrease in the future.
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