Crime And Street Robbery

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The acts of crime have existed long before laws have existed. But because crimes do and will occur, laws need to be established and enforced to protect the innocent from harm and/or wrongdoing by another. Laws have been and still are being made to help prevent crimes from happening and to stop existing crimes from occurring. These unlawful acts range in a variety of categories. These categories are then put into subgroups to help specify a more accurate concentration on this issue. Because crimes are better focused on in categorized groups, more helpful research has been established to better understand and lessen the risk of these crimes from occurring to others throughout their everyday lives. Research has indicated that twenty percent of the population has participated in crime (Averdijk, 2011). Criminology usually focuses on offenders instead of criminal events and criminal activities. Crime is explained by motivations and special characteristics of offenders. Organized crime research shows that some offenders are quite normal in many respects, though they are involved in serious forms of crime. This broadens the idea that not all crimes are the same. This means that not all offenders have a set of certain characteristics or follow all the same guidelines to classify them as an offender. This is important to know because it expresses the urgent need of awareness that is needed to help prevent this array of risks. Street robbery is one form of robbery crimes. Street robbery is one type of a larger set of problems related to street crime. This is an important crime to focus on because it involves people in public areas. This can be attributed to most everyone on a daily basis. Street robberies make up a significant part of al... ... middle of paper ... ...cting information on individual behavior would be one of these issues. Another is the form of study that seems to most informative and useful for this area of learning. Longitudinal studies are not only time-consuming but also require a great deal of gathering information and data. National robbery rates are informative, but it is sometimes unclear whether they fluctuate with nationwide economic changes, drug trends, or some other pattern. Another lack of research would be to obtain what effects things like sports, family, and home activities has on adolescents and young adults for possible future criminal behavior. Knowing which of these activities contribute or lessen the risk of future delinquency would be greatly beneficial. Overall, routine activities theory has been and will continue to be a great option to use to help understand, prevent, and control crime.

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