Creative Writing: Habits Of The Creative Minds

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Habits of the Creative Mind Habits of the Creative Minds is a simple textbook with a particular twist. I began reading the book thinking it was going to be a basic textbook, but the author,Richard E. Miller and Ann Jurecic, changed the tone of the book and put it into a metaphor. This metaphor was about the reader in your writing, or for anyone reading should feel like Alice in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The reader should be reading, and figuratively fall into the reading, by this the authors means the reader should not want to put that book down. They should be engulfed in the book and read from cover to cover. The attention must be maintained and the best way to do this is by making the writing unique. The authors of this book puts…show more content…
As I am reading, I get the notion that I am having a conversation with the authors. It is simple dialect that is directed to young adults. This book makes reading enjoyable, and I absolutely dread any reading assignments. Miller and Jurecic state that writing has no set path. I would agree with that. The majority of writing I have done is research, or some kind of report, but that is just one form of writing. Writing can almost be considered art. All types of writing should have to follow one trajectory. Iit should not be A to B, there should a little journey to see the rest of the alphabet too. In high school, they taught us that almost every writing would follow the five paragraph method ; this novel is proving…show more content…
It allows the writer think outside the box. Abstract ideas keep the reader engaged and reading for more. This makes your work more popular, some of the greatest writers have great critical thinking skills. I am behind on the critical thinking but it is a skill that can be learned. Not everyone is born with it, and acquiring the skill is relatively easy, and can be done with some time put in. Critical thinking is the ability to think around problems. In high school I struggled with physics, until I asked my teacher for help. When I did this he explained it differently to me. Now then I was lacking critical thinking. If I was a better critical thinker I would have been able to realise my mistake and solved the

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