Creative Writing: The Most Baffling

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What I found most baffling was how I was completely oblivious to the control that alcohol had on my life. The family tried explaining the pliers-like grip it had on me, but they would further have to explain how I became very defensive when they did so, They indicated how I would incite arguments and become very ill-tempered in response to my inability to calm my cravings. However, I couldn 't even begin to conceive of myself displaying such behavior, especially towards my own family. Learning how my actions had hurt them in such a manner was perhaps the most difficult part to accept as it caused a mass of sorrow to fluctuate my heart and flood my eyes with tears on a regular base. I thought, endeavoring to wrap my mind around it all was literally incomprehensible. Still, something or someone had to be the voice of reason behind the broken furniture, busted walls, and smashed mirrors throughout the house. I came to grips with the fact that everyone could not have been fashioning the exact same fabrication about me and my sudden outbursts.…show more content…
Needless I say, what would soon come to past, would forever be engraved in the minds of all those who witnessed it as “pure hell out of a bottle”. As my luck would have it, in the neighborhood which we purchased our new home, it turned out that drinking there was as common as seeing cars on the freeway during rush hour. It wasn 't easily noticeable due to the discreet nature by which it was mostly done. However, I 'm willing to wage a pretty healthy bet that at least ¼ of the people residing there were alcohol consumers. Nonetheless, I don 't believe any of them were prepared for how I was about to come there and raise the bar for drinking in the neighborhood. It was practical to believe that this made it a lot simpler for me to become neighborly and meet new, so called,

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