Creation Myths of the Kono, the Cherokee, the Ethiopian, the Iroquai and the Navahoe

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Throughout life, there have been many periods when men were superior to women. This fact of men being better or more superior to women is not as present in our lives anymore. Many creation myths show this aspect throughout their stories. The creation myths of the Kono, the Cherokee, the Ethiopian, the Iroquois, and the Navajo tribes identify a key human trait and all have examples of the dominance of a man over woman which signifies the human quality of superiority over inferiority.

The story of the Kono people of Guinea is about how the earth was created and where the origin of death was started. In the beginning of time, there was no light, no plants, nor animals. Life was very tiresome and there were no colors. Without light, life could not survive and people could not work or live their lives. Originally, the only people were Death, also known as Sa, his wife, and their daughter who lived in a sea of mud that Sa created with his magical powers. They lived in an awful, messy, and filthy world that they called home. Luckily, Alatangana visited them and realized that they could no longer live in this filth, so he turned the mud into solid earth and made plants and animals to populate this world that he had now created. In the end Altanagana and Sa created Earth. Altanagana was happy with the gift of Earth that Sa had given him. Sa wanted Altanagana to pay him his debt by giving him any of his offspring when Sa also known as Death, demanded. This is where the concept of death came from.

The creation myth of the Cherokee Indians explains how earth was first made and how people multiplied quickly. “The earth is a great island floating in a sea of water, and suspended at each of the four cardinal points by a cord hanging down from...

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