Creating the Curriculum Based Assessment Project

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Creating the Curriculum Based Assessment Project was a very different assignment then I have ever been required to do. It involved choosing a specific population of individuals, creating a twenty five item test, analyzing the test items, creating graphs, analyzing the results and revising specific test questions. Throughout this assignment, I was introduced learned many skills that will help me when I am a teacher. When I got this assignment, I decided to choose a group of students that I knew I would have access too. Being that I am President of the Jewish student organization at Towson, I decided to create a test related to Judaism in some way. I was deciding between the history of Judaism and Israel. I decided to create a test on Israel. All Jewish students have t he opportunity to travel to Israel for free for ten days. I therefore, created a test for Jewish students who have spent ten days in Israel. I felt that this was the best way to test students. Students who are Jewish grow up in all different types of environments, with all different Jewish backgrounds. Students who attended Taglit-Birthright Israel, were all exposed to the same information regarding Israel which is why I thought it would be most fair to write a test on the history and historical places in the state of Israel. To help me write this test, I used the book Traveling Companion. This book is written by Taglit Birthright Israel and is given to students who attend this Israel program. Using my knowledge of when I went on the Birthright Israel trip, and the Traveling Companion book, I came up with six objectives to test on. The objectives served as the basis of what I was going to be writing my test on. I found it very useful to write m... ... middle of paper ... ...ake improvements and make sure that students comprehend what is being taught. Creating a variety of questions is also vital to meet the needs of all of the students learning styles. I have learned many skills from creating a curriculum-based assessment that I would not have learned without this experience. Writing objectives, creating a test with different types of questions, grading a test, calculating and analyzing a test will help me use informal assessments My experience will allow me to create a curriculum-based assessment in the future to help determine the instructional needs of my students. It will help make my teaching more efficient when I become a teacher. I am looking forward to using the skills that I have learned through this assignment to enhance my student’s learning so I can meet the instructional needs of each student in my classroom.
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