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The threat of the terrorism is a global concern and need to be addressed globally in order for it to have effective solutions. The Bureau of Counterterrorism in the State Department (CT) is responsible for continually monitoring the movements of the active terrorist groups flourishing in different parts of the world for the sake of identifying the potential targets for designation. The review of the potential targets by CT considers the counts of the actual terrorist attacking a group has been fund to indulge into, along with the careful understanding about the way the group has planned and prepared for the act and estimating the probability of the acts of terrorism in the future in terms of their capability and intention for pursuing such acts ( There have been security threat issues not only in terms of the foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs) but the threat is also growing due to domestic terrorism. According to the report of Homeland Security, (2007) it has been indicated that domestic terrorists based and operating within the terrains of United States including the eco-terrorist groups, white supremacist groups, and the animal rights extremists pose a serious terrorist threat to the country ( Such groups are observed in all regions of the globe. The official definition of a FTO suggests that these are the foreign organizations designated by the Secretary of State according to the section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) ( According to a memo by its Terrorist Research and Analytical Center, the FBI has partially defined Domestic Terrorism as “the unlawful use, or threatened use, of violence by a group or individual based and operating entire...

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...linary approach to the subject along with transportation security and protection of infrastructure and border security. The content of the blog has been useful in the development and analysis of the policy for the security and countering terrorism activities.
Building Resilience Against Terrorism: Canada's Counter-terrorism Strategy. Retrieved from
This website provides information related to military, security and terrorism in the country. It has been a vital source of information for developing an insight about the Canadian policy on anti-terrorism and in analyzing the strategies that has been taken up by the government to provide public safety. The website provided detailed information on the Anti-terrorism act and the departments involved in the security and countering terrorism.

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