Counterintelligence Probationary Analysis

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The surroundings of Counterintelligence (CI) duties requires that CI Special Agents hold the highest levels of proficiency, maturity, moral values, and honorable intelligibility. All newly graduates from Counterintelligence Special Agent Course (CISAC) will be part of the Counterintelligence Probationary Program (CIPP) in the accordance with AR 381-20. The CIPP is an evaluation and mentoring program that allows Evaluating Agent (EA) to employ the CI Probationary Agent (PA) in a manner that allows growth in development. The PAs are retained in the 35L military occupational specialty upon completion of the CIPP. The real question that lingers in every PA’s mind is; how does the evaluation process take place?
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For an example, if a PA assigned to a field office, he or she will probably never get an opportunity to fulfill the collection portion of the CIPP. To fulfill this particular requirement, EAs will use a scenario based discussion to provide in depth explanation and ensure the PAs get a good grasp of that particular task. Nevertheless, there are discussions among the PAs to indicate this is not the case during their evaluation process. EAs use this opportunity to extend the PA’s evaluation period until every task in the CIPP is executed, which is another way to muddle the evaluation …show more content…

An added on job experience will definitely benefit the PAs to understand what they will encounter upon graduating the school. Equally, the PAs will get the opportunity to gain additional experience related to CI as well as gain contacts prior to fully submerging themselves as a Special Agent. The recommended period of the on the job training should be no less than twelve months to ensure full expose to overall CI concepts. The initial on the job training will provide the basics, understanding the workflow, build a proper characteristic, and finally able to grasp overall job requirements. In a similar way, the PAs can test the water and allow the EAs to evaluate the future Special Agents. The EAs can set clear expectations, provide feedback, and document the development of the PAs throughout the process. Subsequently, this introductory period can serve as an option for the PAs to decide if CI is a field for them to venture or should they pursue something

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