Cost And Benefit Analysis Essay

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As a college student, you are required to make decisions all the time. These decisions differ in there level of seriousness and way it can affect you as an individual and how they may affect your academic performance. I came to college as an athlete, and my choice to be a college athlete meant my life would be different from traditional students. The rigor of my sport meant i would have weights every morning, and practice in the afternoons. It meant I would have to miss class to travel for games but that is what I signed up for. I believe for me there are four main areas that consume my time; school, work, social life and sport. The level of time and effort given to one or the other changed depending on what was happening in my life at the…show more content…
Conduct a Cost/Benefit Analysis: Do the potential benefits derived from the decision justify the expected costs? What if I decided to stay at home and do homework instead? How would going out affect me the next day? Would I still be hungover the next day? Would I make it to class? How would it affect my performance at weights or at practice. is going out really worth it? Could I have a better time doing something else? 4. Assess Whether it is the Right Thing To Do: There are many areas where compromise yields significant benefits, but your value system, your character, or your integrity should never be compromised. So prioritizing my social life when I have a big game or an assignment that is worth a large percentage of my grade is not the right way to do it. 5. Make The Decision: Perhaps most importantly, you must have a bias toward action, and be willing to make the decision. Opportunities and not static, and there will always be another social event to attend. Sometimes missing a social gathering in favor of getting the work done is key to success and furthermore staying out of…show more content…
In this step, you draw on your information and emotions to imagine what it would be like if you carried out each of the alternatives to the end. You must evaluate whether the need identified in Step 1 would be helped or solved through the use of each alternative. In going through this difficult internal process, you begin to favor certain alternatives which appear to have higher potential for reaching your goal. Eventually you are able to place the alternatives in priority order, based upon your own value system. I believe this is where I lost my way. I compromised my value system and became a “yes

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