Personal Challenges: Personal Problem Vs. Non-Personal Problems

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1. Every person has the ability to find a solution to a problem, nevertheless some people are better at solving non-personal problems than a personal problem. When I evaluate my problem-solving ability I conclude that I am better at solving personal problems than non-personal problems, but I also believe it 's difficult to solve personal problems; since those problems deals with my feelings. However, I solve this kind of problem better because the solution will affect my life therefore, this are more important. Non-personal problems are easier to solve for me, because I can find a solution without overthinking. For example, if I am in a situation where my family or I can be affected by the decision, is more likely that I would take longer to find a solution because I will analyze every benefit and risk I am about to experience. In other hand, if the problem has nothing to be with me, I would solve it without thinking too much. The process of solving a non-personal problem is easier and faster, but it 's not always the best option to obtain a good solution. When I solve a problem I try to make…show more content…
For example, if I am in a situation in which I need to do a project for a class and I also need to go to my cousin’s party the same day. I would weigh both of them and think whether is more important for me. I would say if I go to my cousin’s party I would not finish my homework and I will get a bad grade; but if I choose to do my homework, I would not go to my cousin’s party and my family will get mad at me. So any of these alternatives is not good to me because whichever option I decide to take something will be affecting me. Therefore, I need to find more than two alternatives, the third alternative can be to do my homework and also to go just for some time to my cousin’s party, but for sure I would first focus on my
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