Correctional System Analysis: Introduction To The Criminal Justice System

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Correctional System Analysis Toby L. Jones CJ 101- Introduction to the Criminal Justice System Professor Kim Miller June 23, 2017 Correctional system has directives in place to manage fundamental responsibilities set in accordance with particular commissions with criminal offenders. The corrections system has two duties one is the duty of serving punishment for the crimes that the offender was found guilty for. Secondly, the correctional system is a mean of restoring the offender and to prepare the offender for reentering the community. The correctional system’s two main goals in penalizing offenders are to rehabilitate and to maintain behavior (Orth 2003). Our justice system is in charge finding the offender guilty and handing down…show more content…
Rehabilitation can come in many different forms wither it be GED classes, drug treatment, therapy, job training or mental health care. When the correctional system provides rehabilitation services for offenders the offenders are less likely to reoffend. An offender that cannot read or write is less likely to find employment therefore is more likely to commit crimes to support them self, if the offender receives rehabilitation services in prison or on probation is then able to get a job and less likely to commit further criminal offences. Drug offenders who receive rehabilitation treatment are less likely to commit more offences to feed their drug habits. Large amounts of offenders do not have support systems in place from family, community or peers. When the offenders enter the correctional rehabilitation programs they reconnect with family or join a community program that gives the offender a feeling of support. Criminals are criminals because they have committed crimes, but some offenders benefit from rehabilitation and some offenders are just flat out criminals. Having rehabilitation services in prisons are vital to ensure that the offenders are prepared to reenter society with job training skills, money management skills and a new outlook on

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