Coping With Stress Essay

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The purpose of this paper is for me to explore the ways I cope and deal with stressors in my life. I will be using multiple assessments such as a “Life Behavior Assessment” which helps me identify the healthy and unhealthy ways I cope when I am stress. I will also be using the “Self-care assessments” where I will assist multiple self-care areas in my life. After completing the “Self-care assessments worksheet” I will use the “My Maintenance Self-Care Worksheet” to go in depth about my current self care practices in the different areas and new practices that I can start doing.

Coping with Stress
At this time of my life I have developed multiple ways to cope. One being reflecting and understand how i am feeling and what 's
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While doing the Self-Care Assessment my physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, relationship, workplace and overall balance was looked at. For my physical self-care I am occasionally to frequently doing all the things that were listed such as eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and also participating in fun physical activity. For the other categories the results were the same which I was happy about. But they were some areas that I would like to improve on. For example writing a journal, allowing myself to cry, and balancing my case load so one day is not too much. Writing a journal was under the category psychological care. This is something that I use to do that I know helps a lot and something that I would like to start up again since it can also help me with daily reflections. Emotional care is something that i thought I would be good with all around since I have no problem expressing myself but when it came to the point of allowing myself to cry I realize how difficult it is for me to express my hurt or sadness that way, but also how far along I have came. I use to not show no emotions at all and go through life as if nothing bothered me at all. But now I am not only able to express all my emotions but also feel comfortable with expressing them in all…show more content…
For the mind my current practices is doing self reflection and also being attuned with my beliefs, attitudes and feelings, I would like to include a new practice of writing a journal so I may track not only my growth but to also improve the ways that i reflect and look at questions and thoughts that are not just current in the moment but in my life. For body self care I make sure that I am well rested, and take nice hot baths after along day that help relaxes my muscles. Some new practice I would like to take on is to start eating cleaner and increasing that amount that I work out so I can be in the shape that I want to be in. I will do this by looking at my schedule and fitting in gym times or as short as a 30 minute exercise so that I can assure I am actively working out daily so it may become a habit. With my emotions I am currently very open to express and let others know how I feel therefore I did net feel a need to start partaking in new practices as well. Spirit self-care is another one that I am fully expressing and that is seen through my relationship with God. With this relationship I am consciously working on making it stronger then it was the day before by worshiping and also praying. With my work and relationship self care, because of the strong personally that I have, the only current new practice I would bring in

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