Reflection On Self Care

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Self-care is a necessary practice in everyone’s life. This practice allows people to relax and replenished themselves. The first time I heard of this term was in during one of my social work classes. As we began to discuss self-care it became clear, that without proper self-care people, not just social workers are doing themselves a disservice. Self-care encompasses more than general rest. Self-care deals with emotional wellbeing, good health and spiritual wellbeing. All of these areas are key to having good self-care. The reading provides a good description self-care, it stated that self-care is achieving an equilibrium across our personal school and work lives. Achieving equilibrium in my personal life will only increase my ability to support and help others. Technical I do not have a self-care plan that I follow consistently. Doing heathy activities to keep myself balanced is not a weekly activity, however I now see the value of establishing a balanced self-care plan. The term balanced refers to a plan and includes all areas of my life. Currently, my plan includes…show more content…
Camie my field supervisor has an app on her phone that plays a gong sound every hour. When it chimes she takes at least one minute to take deep breaths, close her eyes and relax. Angela, another filed supervisor listens to a recording of rain while working. Last month the Life Crisis department posted a bill board asking crisis workers and supervisors to share their self-care choices. Some of the activities shared were, baking, float trips, coloring and kick boxing. Working as a crisis worker is draining. After a few weeks on the lines I began to understand the necessity for self-care, I began to be more aware if the need to take time to detox and replenish myself, however my schedule was so full it was very hard to work in the personal
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