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Reason for Consultation Sunil, a fifty-three-year-old male, entered the social worker’s office accompanied with his son, Arun, and his daughter-in-law, Julia. Sunil is an immigrant, originating from Calcutta, India, and has been adapting to living in New York for five months. Julia and Arun, referred Sunil to a counselor following the death of his wife. Julia marks that she has been noticing changes in his hygiene, sleep and eating habits. Arun addressed that ‘his father is suffering’ from the the loss of his wife and might be having trouble adjusting to New York. Julia and Arun felt that Sunil would benefit from speaking with a professional. Currently, Sunil lives with his son and daughter-in-law and their two children. Primary Problems or Issues of Concern Sunil is currently in the grieving stages for his wife which may have impacted his physical and mental state. In the first session, Sunil’s physical presentation looked like he was not taking care of himself, his tired eyes, face and his body reflected his sadness for his wife. Julia notes that Sunil has…show more content…
In the first session, Sunil sat on the couch with crossed arms at the opposite end from where Julia was seated. Additionally, Sunil chooses not to speak in Julia’s presence, rather he chooses to speak in Hindi while his son translated to English. Furthermore, Julia displayed insensitivity to Sunil’s loss by saying that it has been five months and feels it is time for Sunil to move on. This can be further straining their relationship by quantifying Sunils process of grief for his wife. Later, when Julia leaves the room, Sunil tells the worker that he does not understand the need of quantifying the years or months of the grief over his wife. In the second session, the worker reassures Sunil that he has no desire in speeding up the grieving process. Sunil says he does not trust

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