Isolation Theme Essay

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Isolation is a popular theme in Ray Bradbury’s short stories. It is in all the short stories that were read in class. I, personally, can identify with this theme because i suffer from depression and anxiety. I know that it is sometimes easier to be alone then to deal with people. I know what it is like to not want or be able to leave the comfort of home. In the story “The Lake”, I think that isolation is present not only in the drowning of Talley, but also in the way Harold feels at the beach. He is surrounded by people, and he still feels like something is missing. Also, I think that he feels alone. I come from a big family, and am usually surrounded by people. I know that feeling of loneliness, especially when someone or something close to you passes away. I understand how Harold felt losing his best friend, and how it felt like a piece of him was missing. When my dog passed away, I felt like a piece of me died. She was my best friend, and my entire support system on days when I felt like I had no one. The next short story that has the theme of isolation is “The Emissary”. In this short story, Martin is confined to bed, and his only contact to the outside world is his dog. His dog will go out and wonder the town, and come back to Martin.…show more content…
This is the story of an author, named Dudley Stone, and how he disappeared from his life. He told his story about how he stopped writing, and began to live his life. I understand the need to disappear, and forget about your old life. i have wanted to do it so many times. Unlike Dudley Stone, I cannot just disappear because I would have many people worried about me. Things in my life are sometimes too much to handle, and I feel the need to disappear. So I disappear in other ways. For example, music takes me away from my life for three minutes at a time. I do not think I could completely disappear, but I understand the need and want for
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