Interpreter Of Maladies Essay

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341 words

In Jhumpa Lahiri’s “Interpreter of Maladies” we go on a journey with the Das family, and their tour guide Mr. Kapasi; who brings the family on a tour of India’s temples and holy shrines. Early on we learn of the growing infatuation Mr. Kapasi has towards the young Mrs. Das. On several occasions, he fantasizes of how his relationship with her; would grow from simple friends to passionate lovers. Trying to extend his time with her, he desperately hopes the family will agree and be willing to see one of his favorite places. Lahiri goes on to show Mr. Kapasi’s desperation, through his sheer panic of not being able to see or hear from Mrs. Das, so much so he goes on a frantic internal dilemma. Lahiri goes on to say, Mr. Kapasi was beginning to dread

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes jhumpa lahiri's "interpreter of maladies" where the das family and their tour guide mr. kapasi go on a frantic internal dilemma.
  • Narrates how mr. kapasi was beginning to dread the thought of dropping them off. he was not prepared to begin his six-week wait to hear from mrs. das.
  • Analyzes how mrs. das' secret brought mr. kapasi back to reality, and allowed him to realize she didn't share the same feelings he had.
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