Cool Kids Essay

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Did you ever strive to be one of the cool kids? You know, the kids with the best hair, smile, clothes, makeup, most friends, and have been in the most relationships with people. Those kids that got into minor trouble for messing around and having a good time. Well, if you never were one like me that’s okay. Through my own experience being all the rage is not what it is cracked up to be. You probably received more good than harm by not being put in the “cool kids’’ crowd. Studies shown by Allen, Schad, Oudekerk, and Chango give us the insider of cool kids behavior and how at a young age your life can spiral down quickly. From the age of middle school to young adolescences we will see the rise and fall of cool kids. How did it all go wrong…show more content…
Allen, a psychology professor introduces us to the topic of cool kids with his research in child development. What intrigued Allen to study this specific topic is the plummet seen in social status amongst high school teens. High school is where we see those cool kids start struggling in many ways. Where as in middle school classmates viewed those cool kids with much jealousy and admiration. Many wished to be those cool kids because really all they wanted to do was fit in. Those key three or four years in transition from middle school to high school the cool kids start becoming the opposite of cool. Allen described this kind of behavior as pseudomature behavior. (Hoffman et al., 2014) Pseudomature behavior starts from middle school age to young adolescents. These ages vary from thirteen to twenty-three years old. Mainly having to do with cool kids previous minor mis behavior when young effect romantic involvement or any relationships as they get older. Always trying to impress others is not best and gets you into a cycle of carving to do more mature activates at a young age. When this behavior happens early on such as middle school, is predicted to have more of an negative effect on this person building relationships. (Hoffman et al.,…show more content…
Having these negative characteristics about a person leaving them unfulfilled and as a result being drawn to things that will continue the cycle of not being fulfilled. Allen, Schad, Oudekerk, and Chango found an the increased effect of a young adult getting into drugs, alcohol, and more criminal like activates. They got into those activities because those people are looking for something that will fill that void. That vine is lack of self-confidence is planted all the way back in middle school can have effects on you when you grow older. Some things you cannot grow out of. They have to be dealt with. These results are the living proof of that (Hoffman et al.,
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