Kay S. Hymowitz's Tweens: Ten Going On Sixteen

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In “Tweens: Ten Going on Sixteen,” Kay S. Hymowitz points out the fact that in modern society kids mature too early, creating a negative trend called tween phenomenon; it occurs when kids become teenagers at a young age and skip the preadolescence period. According to Hymowitz, the evidence presents a troubling picture, tweens are too concerned with the way they look, are involved in criminal activities, are having sex, and are doing drugs and alcohol. The author concludes that the causes of the negative trends are complex, and I believe that she states a reasonable case that should be considered by parents, educators, and psychologists. Without a doubt, the three most negative behavioral trends of many tweens are their need for attention,…show more content…
Their search for attention from parents who work too much or just do not care, peers, and others on social networks has an adverse influence on their behavior. Tween may misbehave in many ways in order to bring attention to them. They would seek popularity by smoking, drinking, and having sex, among other things. They would put on makeup and fancy clothes for the same reason. Tweens would misbehave in order to get their parents’ attention, and when they do not get that attention their behavior may escalate. Another problem with tweens’ need for attention is when they get too much of it and as the result believe that “the earth revolves around them.” This also results in tweens’ uncontrollable behavior in demanding attention and disregard for needs and wellbeing of…show more content…
As it feels important for many tweens to be accepted by his or her peers, it makes a tween susceptible to such influence. One of the examples of peer pressure is the way media portraits tweens. Modern television shows demonstrate tweens wearing makeup, concentrating on fashion, dating, and having kids. As the result tweens start wearing makeup, worrying about what they wear, and take an interest in the opposite sex at a young age in order to be more like their peers on television. Tweens watch shows that follow the lives of teen moms and dads, and they decide that it is reputable to resemble them. Another example of peer pressure is its influence on tweens that have the need to fit in due to their own insecurities. They take up smoking, drinking, doing drugs, stealing, fighting, missing school, and having sex in order to feel a part of their peer group. They would engage in bullying others online or in person in order to hide their own insecurities from their peers. Whenever tweens are influenced by peer pressure, their focus is deferred from studying onto taking action to fit in with their
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