Breaking The Rules In Elizabeth Winkler's Cool People Only Break The Right Rules

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Breaking the rules might seem like a bad thing to do, but breaking the rules the right way is always a good idea. Many people see breaking the rules as getting in trouble and looking like a bully but there are different ways to break the rules and still look cool. The article "Cool People Only Break The Rules -- But Only The Right Rules" explains in many ways that breaking the rules aren’t always a horrible thing. The journalist Elizabeth Winkler has a saying which is being cool isn’t just about breaking rules. It’s about breaking the right rules in the right context (Winkler, 2014). Cool people break the rules just like bad people as long as you do it the right way it’s okay. Journalist Elizabeth Winkler is a writer from Washington dc and…show more content…
Once one break the rules in the right concept there’s nothing that they can’t accomplish. It takes someone brave and “cool” to pull something like that off. Some viewers might not agree with this article because they might feel like one shouldn’t break the rules at all, but they are not really looking into the benefits of the situation. There comes a point of time where someone would need to break a rule or two, so why not do it the right way without suffering consequences. There are many ways to still remain cool and not end up getting punished for the decisions one…show more content…
When being cool you can see it as being socially constructed (Waren, 2014). Most people see cool as not being an object but just as seeing it as a word and self-confidence. Once one feel they are cool their self-esteem goes up and they find more self-control of how they life should be played out. The audience don’t have to be mean or break the rules to be cool there are many other things like helping out people in need or doing things you way without people telling you how things should be done. Once the readers can live their life how they want to and make up their own rules then that makes a person one step closer to being in the category

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