Consumer Innovativeness And Consumer Behavior

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2. Review of Related Literature
Consumer innovativeness is often viewed as a personality trait reflecting willingness to change. Innovative consumers are an important market segment for marketers. Revenue from new products adopted by innovative consumers plays a pivotal role for many firms. Successful launching and marketing new products aimed at innovative consumers, therefore, is critical for these firms. A good understanding of decision-making styles of innovative consumers is imperative for these marketing activities.
Consumer decision-making styles have a long history in marketing and consumer behavior research. Consumer decision-making styles in shopping can be characterized in a three-dimensional pattern the lifestyle approach, the psychological (attribute) approach and the typology (general consumer types) approach. Combined these and additional traits to develop a consumer decision-making styles (CDMS) list, the so-called
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One is DSI, also referred as product-specific innovativeness. Consumer innovativeness may vary from one product category to another. The other emphasizes an innate predisposition of innovativeness from a socio-psychological perspective, which includes cognitive and sensory traits. This socio-psychological view of innovativeness has been variously called life innovativeness.Demographic variables can be of substantial help in customer segmentation and targeting the most innovative market condition. Nevertheless, demographic factors are often overlooked in consumer innovativeness studies.Among demographic variables, gender and country (or culture/nationality) has broadly used as important moderators between cause and effect relationship in psychology and business research studies of human behavior. In psychology, gender differences have been studied in many areas including cognition and social behavior in psychology (Wooyang Kim C. Anthony Di Benedetto Richard A. Lancioni,
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