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Construction If you ask the average person about projects they will more than likely name a construction project. Project management is really a part of construction because each assignment is actually a new project. The key to success in the construction industry is to become efficient in completing these projects discovering innovative to complete processes faster and innovative equipment to complete activities faster. Construction projects range from repairing, remodeling, and building bridges, houses, roads, etc. Construction projects are normally contracted and paid after work is completed. An example of a construction project is the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, which was the largest civil works project ever designed and built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (COE). More than 114 major contracts were awarded in 14 years in the amount of $2 billion to complete the 234 mile waterway. The new management system employed by COE promised to reduce the time it took to bring water projects from feasibility study to construction was proven when the TENN-TOM was completed 18 months ahead of time and within budget. The new management system revised the project review and approval procedures, clearer designation of organizational roles, closer monitoring of project costs, new strategic planning, and concurrent handling of project authorizations. To get a better understanding of project management we will look into a few templates and tools. Because construction projects are so common to the average person, I believe this would be a good industry to use to explain how this templates and tools relate to project management. We will take you the five phases of building a house or any other typical construction project. These ... ... middle of paper ... helps projects manager identify findings and their root causes plus identify actions to correct these root causes. The closing phase includes templates such as the lessons learned, post project review, project acceptance, and transition out plan. Each of these documents are included in the process of closing out the project. The lessons learned helps project manager document the lessons learned and process improvement recommendations. The post project review allows you to compare your actuals to plan such as project deliverables, cost, schedule and makes recommendations and lessons learn to apply for future projects. The project acceptance template allows the project to be signed off by the sponsor or customer that the project met all of its deliverables. The transition out plan template provides a project manager groundwork to seamless exit the project.

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